Currently All Sessions Are Teletherapy

  • Ericka N. Norris

    Welcome! My name is Ericka and I’m excited to join you on your journey. Being a part of an independent practice here at Creative Freedom Counseling & Consulting gives me the opportunity to provide quality mental health services in a supportive, creative, and empowering environment. Prior to joining the mental health profession, I spent 10 years in Corporate America. While there, I recognized the emotional and mental toll the traditional corporate setting can have on the mental health of professionals. Through empathetic listening, our approach to psychotherapy is grounded in establishing warm, trusting, and collaborative relationships with diverse clients.

    We all face challenges in life that can leave us feeling stressed, overwhelmed, and frustrated. I value the development of the therapeutic relationship and recognize the dignity and worth of clients. My focus is to support clients to cope with life challenges and hardships to achieve their goals. I utilize various treatment approaches to help clients which include Cognitive Behavioral Therapy, Psychoeducation, and Trauma-Informed Therapy.

    My background consists of working with individuals and families who struggle with conflict, trauma, and adjustment challenges. Let’s work together on how to best cope with these challenges and create ways to reduce negative emotions while discovering practical solutions. I additionally focus on social justice, client empowerment, and advocacy. I’m a Brooklyn, New York native now living and practicing Clinical Social Work in New Jersey.

    We invite you to come & experience the “Creative Freedom” approach to quality mental health care.”

    To the good care of your mental health,
    Ericka N. Norris, LSW, LMSW
    Lead Therapist, Creative Freedom Counseling & Consulting