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    Upcoming Events

    May is Mental Health Awareness Month

    “Express and De-stress” Virtual Groups

    Join our virtual groups and learn healthy strategies to relax, unwind and manage stress.

    Group participation is free!! Suggested donation of any amount to benefit NAMI (National Alliance of Mental Illness)

    “Just Breathe”

    Take a nice deep breathe! Join our virtual wellness group as we focus on various relaxation tech niques. This group will incorporate deep breathing, grounding exercises & movement as a practical way to express & de -stress. Facilitated by Eren Moore, MSW, LCSW – TUESDAY, May 25th at 7pm

    “More than Words”

    Peace. Joy. Tranquility. What word or quote gives you a calm or relaxed feeling? Join us on a virtual wellness journey where we will explore the powerful impact of positive words. This group will incorporate posi tive self-talk, self-motivation & inspirational messages as a creative way to express & de-stress. Facilitated by Ericka Norris, MSW, LSW – WEDNESDAY, May 26th at 7pm

    “Mental Vacay”

    Join this group to take a break from your regular day-to-day challenges by creating your own “mental vacation”. This group will incorporate guided visualization, mindfulness, and artistic expression as a practical way to express & de-stress. Facilitated by Karen Jung, MSW, LCSW – THURSDAY, May 27th at 7pm

    For more details and registration, contact us at [email protected].
    Zoom link will be provided upon your registration. SPACE is LIMITED!


    Groups are sponsored by Creative Freedom Counseling & Consulting

    Advocacy & Awareness

    Talk therapy is not the only element for good mental health care. At CFCC we believe that your mental health is an active process and there are diverse ways to engage in your emotional, spiritual and physical wellness.

    Sometimes in your plan of care, as you experience healing & freedom, it may be therapeutic to support others, who are seeking the same.

    Our advocacy & awareness events are opportunities to gather and engage with others around social justice/human rights issues. It may take the form of an educational workshop, a volunteer event or a mental health awareness project.

    *check back for upcoming events.